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Flood Tide (Feature) • Director/Editor
A group of artists, shaken by the death of their friend, build extraordinary boats from ordinary junk and set out for open water. Flood Tide is a collaboration with the artist Swoon's Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea project in which a group of over 40 artists built and floated seven large sculptures for 150 miles down the Hudson River. Flood Tide both documents and reimagines the real-life journey.
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Let Them Believe (Hybrid Narrative/Documentary Short) • Director/Editor
A team of artists sneak into the abandoned city next to Chernobyl. They discover an irradiated amusement park and transport its pieces to Manchester, UK where they rebuild it into a carnival ride open to the public. Narrative film and documentation of a commission for the Abandon Normal Devices Festival of Cinema and Culture. Created in collaboration with
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The Road Becomes What You Leave (Documentary) • Director/Editor
Documentary short traveling with the band Magnolia Electric Company across the Great Plains of Canada.
Secretly Canadian & Wellsweep Films
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WITNESS • Lead Editor
Edited documentaries, video advocacy shorts and evidentiary submissions co-produced by WITNESS with local human rights organizations from around the world.
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Homeland: Story of the Lark (Documentary) • Additional Editor
Documentary about the making of Laurie Anderson's record Homeland.
Truckstop Media / Dir. Braden King
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The Dirty Three, 1000 Miles (Documentary) • Editor
Documentary about the Australian band Dirty Three.
Truckstop Media / Dir. Braden King

Marketbound (Documentary) • Editor
Documentary about the impact of globalization on the lives of rural families in Cambodia.
Sirk Productions / Dir. Jeremiah Crowell
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Good Kid (Short) • Editor
Short film about a day in the life of a teenage single father in the Bronx.
Wellsweep Films / Dir. Tim Sutton

Special Night (Short) • Editor
Short film for the band Interpol.
Matador Records / Dir. Tim Sutton

Something (Music Video) • Editor
Music video for Sam Prekop (of Sea and Cake).
Thrill Jockey Records / Dir. Tim Sutton

Spit it Out (Music Video) • Editor
Music video for Brendan Benson.
V2 Music, Virgin Records / Dir. Tim Sutton

Client List

Big Mouth Productions
Cabin Creek Productions
Discovery Channel
Downtown Arts Exchange
Gabriel Films
Ford Foundation
IFC (Independent Film Channel)
Jade Tree Records
Matador Records
New York Life Insurance
New World Theater
Nickelodeon Networks
Rainbow Media
Secretly Canadian Records
Sanctuary Records
So. Bronx Redevelopment Org
Sirk Productions
Stephanie Black/Palm Pictures
Thrill Jockey Records
Truckstop Media
Ultra Records
V2 (Virgin) Music
Wall Street Journal Television
WE (Women’s Entertainment)
We Belong Together
Wellsweep Films
Z Post Production